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Elephants - Safari Sandcasts

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Elephants - Safari Sandcasts

Sarah P Art Glass

Code: U11069

The baby elephant follows on in the setting sun.

Design Inspiration: On safari.

Product Description

Crafting Method: The sandcasts are created using a sand base that has shapes pressed into it and then powdered glass colours dusted over the surface, using templates to keep the colours in certain areas of the design. Once the design is finished a metal frame is placed over the design and glass poured in. It is then put into the kiln to cool for 12 hours. Sunset colours of orange and red are dusted onto the sky, then the dense opaque orange of the sun is added and finally a fine layer of black defines the elephants' silhouette and the tree.

Size and Specification

Collection: Safari Sandcasts
Colour: Orange, Red
Units: Single
Information: Certificate included
Type: Sarah P Art Glass
Limited Edition Number: No
Dimensions: 170mm height, 170mm width.
Designer: Sarah Peterson

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